Bath Towels: White vs Colours

Whether you’re in the market for bath towels for your home or business, the great debate remains when it comes to selecting the colour of your bath towel. You see bath towels for sale and think, “Is plain white best, or are colours more enticing and preferable?”

In this blog, experts from Bunty weigh in on the discussion with our list of pros and cons for each style.

White Towels

It’s commonly advised that hoteliers insist on using white towels and other linens in their guesthouses or hotels due to one simple fact: it’s easier to see whether they’re clean. Because it’s difficult to see filth on dark colors or other colored linen, it leaves room for guests to wonder if it’s truly clean.

Is this also the case for home owners, though? Let’s look at the pros and cons of white towels holistically.


  • White towels are a good investment because no matter how many times you switch your interior decor, they are a timeless look. You can be sure that they are an investment that will last the test of time.
  • While they are easy to stain, they are actually also easy to clean with a good bleach bath.
  • Guests will be assured that they’re using a clean and hygienic towel since any dirt or stains would be easily noticeable.


  • It is true that white towels are much easier to stain and get dirty. Certain items are extremely difficult to clean, especially something like makeup foundation, which can even beat the best of bleach baths.
  • White towels also tend to yellow over time. This can be negated with proper care and maintenance.

Coloured Towels

On the flip side of why hoteliers usually opt for white towels, homeowners may be advised not to use white towels for this exact reason. At home, especially if you have children or animals, it’s quite likely that your bath towels will end up cleaning up big messes and will land up with many stains along the way. In this case, you want stains to be easy to get rid of and hide.

Should hoteliers be so quick to reject coloured towels, though? Let’s investigate:


  • Choose any colour you like. Coloured towels are fun because of the simple fact of being able to choose the colours you love most, and best compliment your bathroom’s interior decor selection. There is nothing quite as satisfying as a cohesive colour and decor scheme and this can uplift any space.
  • It’s easier to hide stains on dark coloured or coloured towels than it is on white towels, which is why it’s such a popular choice for those with pets and kids.


  • You’ll need to separate your laundry loads to separate your colours from whites. Colour towels always run the risk of leaking colour, so it’s important to separate them from your other items to avoid any colour mishaps.
  • Coloured towels aren’t as timeless as one would hope. If you suddenly decide to remodel your bathroom from blue to orange, your towels wouldn’t exactly match anymore.
  • With coloured towels, you do leave some room for question when it comes to the cleanliness of your linen since it’s more difficult to spot stains and dirt.

Our Professional Opinion

Our opinion? Choose what you prefer! Whether you’re selecting towels for your home or for your hotel/guesthouse, filling it with pieces of decor and linen that you love is what makes any location feel like home. That special “home” feeling is one that should be curated with great care, so if you’re happy with your choices, then that’s the best one for you.

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