Delivery Policy

4. Delivery Policy

4.1 To dispatch the order at your requested place is our aim, however, orders will be dispatched to a physical address only and not to P O Box addresses. A set amount of R 150.00 (One Hundred Fifty Rands) will be charged for courier deliveries.

4.2 We aim to dispatch your order within the time frame designated by us after your order has been fully processed and there are no hold-backs (which is updated in the Confirmation of Order) although a definite date cannot be promised when the submission of your Order or the Confirmation of Order is made. We aim that within 3-5 business days you receive your order from us but this depends on the payment method used but any strict delivery dates cannot be promised.

4.3 If there is a possibility that the delivery cannot be made on the date decided then you shall be notified., but, due to the extent permitted by law, if a late delivery causes you to suffer any losses, costs, liabilities, damages charges or expenses then we are not to be held liable for any suffering caused to you as a result of a late delivery.

4.4 Click and Collect orders will be allowed post payment confirmation is received. Which will happen in line with our standard delivery timeline of 3 – 5 working days and will be confirmed via email when the parcel is ready to be collected. We will hold the parcel for 05 working days and, if not collected, will cancel you order and forfeit any amounts paid to us. You will be required to provide positive identification in the form of a valid driver’s license, passport or identity book accompanied by order copy before we will release your order to you. The orders can be picked up at SNS Traders Unit 19, Amalgam Industrial Estates, 24 Bessemer Street, Amalgam, 2092, Johannesburg, Gauteng, Rep of South Africa.

4.5 Once the product has been dispatched a signature may be required of you as proof of receiving your order. Before you sign for delivery inspection of the item for any apparent faults, defects or damages is what you agree to. It is imperative that you keep the invoice of the delivered item/s for future reference as well as for discussions with us.

4.6 Please take note that delivery to some areas may not be possible for us. In this case, using the contact details provided to us contact will be made to you in order to inform you that an alternative delivery address must be used or a cancellation of the order must be made.

4.7 All orders are dispatched in our standard packaging additional charges will apply should you request any special packaging.

4.8 Upon on receiving the order all the risk in the product/s passes onto you, except in the case of a late delivery which occurred due to a violation of your duties under a contract, for this reason it is deemed that all risk was passed to you on the date when the delivery should have occurred if it was not for your violation and when this risk passes to you, we will not be accountable for any loss or destruction of the item.

4.9 When opening the product you must handle it with fragility and great care so that it is not damaged especially if any sharp instruments will be used to open the product.

4.10 To avoid unnecessary delay you should make sure that you are prepared to receive the delivery safely at any reasonable time given by us.

4.11 Instructions on re-delivery or collection from the courier will be left should you be unavailable to accept the delivery or collection.

4.12 If an unreasonable refusal by you causes a delivery/collection to be delayed or if the order/delivery is not accepted by you from the courier then (without any solution or right being affected that is available to us)   either or both of the following will be:

  1. a) Reasonable costs that were incurred by us as well as a reasonable storage fee will be charged; and/or
  2. b) For purposes of delivery or collection the product will no longer be made available and an immediate notification shall be sent to you stating the cancellation of the applicable contract, furthermore any money paid to us will be refunded to either you or your company according to the relevant contract with immediate effect unless our administration costs (which include expenses for attempting to deliver the order and then returning the item, and/or storage costs) surpasses the amount of money paid to us

4.13 It is not affirmed by us that your desired demands will be met and it remains your responsibility to make certain that the items are enough and are appropriate for your purposes and meet your desired demands. You also accept that the goods are of a satisfactory level and not made indicated to meet any specific requirements that you may have.

4.14 Free delivery would be offered on purchases above R 1,000.00 (One thousand Rands)

4.15 We reserve the right to cancel an order or withdraw the free delivery offer if we become aware of a customer intentionally abusing this offer.

4.16 Please take note of the following:

  1. Cash handling fees as well as the delivery fee are non-refundable.
  2. Bunty has the right to make use of its discretion in which we decide upon as to which areas we consider as Main Centres and Outlying Areas
  3. Bunty holds the authority to review and make any amendments it considers necessary to these areas from time to time.
  4. A set amount of R150.00 will be charged for courier deliveries.
  5. Delivery can take place between 3-5 business days from the date that your order is dispatched from our office.


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