5 Essential Towels Everyone Needs

An item that can be found in every house or bathroom is a towel. This is because it has become an essential part of society and we cannot properly function without it. We have become so used to the concept of towels that we do not realise how there is more than one type of towel and how essential they have become. Therefore, we have created a list for your down below:

Beach Towels

Living in South Africa most people visit the beach at some point in their lives. In addition, there are quite a few provinces that border the sea. Furthermore, South Africa has a sunny warm climate, which has caused a lot of people to put a swimming pool in their backyards. Luckily, the beach towel or also known as the swim towel, has become an essential towel in South Africa. These towels are different to bath towels as they are more tightly woven and longer. Beach towels are mostly made from Cotton, sheared on one side, making it velour. The shearing gives the towel special properties of being soft, sand repellent and unabsorbant on that side. This helps in keeping the sand out of the towel, while still being highly absorbent on the other side. All these properties are essential for the perfect beach towel. These towels also come in a variety of patterns, colours, and materials.

Hand Towels

The next essential towel that has become essential in most households and guesthouses is hand towels. They tend to be smaller, hang close to the wash bowel and are used to dry and clean hands. A hand towel is also softer, thicker, and purposefully made to be able to handle multiple hands a day, unlike a bath towel, which is meant for one proper body to be dry.

Guest Towels

Guest towels are mostly found in hotels, Airbnb, or guest houses. Most people also use these types of towels if they are having guests over to visit at their place or if people are sleeping in their room for a night. They are normally more luxurious, softer, and used for bathing, hand washing and any other tasks.

Gym Towels

Doing a proper gym workout or workout at home will make you sweat a lot and you might need something to wipe the sweat away, a gym towel! This is quite often seen in wrestling, aerobics, and spinning classes. Gym towels are used to wipe away the sweat that causes greasy hair, acne breakouts, or causes your hands to be too sweaty to use the gym equipment, which could be dangerous and result in injury. Our gym towels also have a zipped pocket for you to keep your phone, wallet, and keys safe and out of your way while you do your workouts! Gym towels have become an essential item for all the avid gym goers out there.

Bath Towels

All of us use a bath towel to dry ourselves from a bath or a shower. For us to get dry and get all the last bit of dirt and bacteria off, we need to do this. This type of towel has been designed specifically to wrap around your entire body, to keep you warm after you have taken a bath or shower and to absorb all the water off your body. Therefore, they take longer to dry than smaller towels as they are made to absorb all the water that they contact.

hanging beach towel