Bath Towel Buying Guide: Factors to Consider

There is no better feeling than stepping out of the bath or shower and wrapping yourself in a fresh and fluffy bath towel. Unfortunately, bath towels don’t last forever and there comes a time when you need to replace your current towels (especially if you want to enjoy maximum absorbency and comfort).

Shopping for bath towels is not as simple as typing ‘bath towels near me’ into the Google search bar and choosing the first option that pops up. Whether you’re buying bath towels for your guest bathroom or a high-end hotel, here are a few important factors you should take into consideration.

The Bath Towel’s Fabric

While cotton is a popular choice for bath towels, it is not your only option. Other fabric options include linen, bamboo, microfibre, and more. Each type of fabric has its own benefits, drawbacks, and washing instructions.

The Size of the Bath Towel

The size of a bath towel is a matter of preference. Most bath towels are around 70 centimetres by 135 centimetres. However, if you are a bigger person or simply prefer a bigger towel, you may be interested in bath sheets, which are typically 100 centimetres by 160 centimetres.


Your budget is another factor that you need to consider when shopping for bath towels online. Bath towel prices vary depending on the fabric, quality, and where you buy them from. It’s best to shop around and compare prices if you want a good deal.

The Weight of the Towel

GSM (grams per square metre) is the unit that measures the density of towels. While heavier towels can feel more luxurious, keep in mind that the weight of the towel doesn’t directly correlate with the absorbency or quality of the towel.

The Colour Scheme of Your Home/Bathroom

Bath towels come in so many different colours and patterns. It’s to think about the colour scheme of your home and bathroom when you buy bath towels. Many people prefer white towels as they go with everything and give your bathroom a clean and crisp look.

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