Washcare for towels is important. It allows you to keep your towels for a prolonged period of time whilst maintaining the quality of the fabric used to make the towels. Below you can find some steps to take when you purchase a towel from us & the steps that will help you prolong your towels shelf life. So make a purchase and get to reading on how to care for your towels!

Wash before use

You may see this when it comes to towels, bedding and new clothes. Washing before use ensures that the product is clean for next use as well as washes away any coatings that the fabric may have on it to prolong itself life and retain.

Machine Wash

It is imperative that you follow the instructions on the label of the towel. If it states you must machine wash in hot or cold it is in your best interest to follow suit. This will ensure that you do not lose any quality with your towel.

Gentle wash

whether you are machine or hand washing it is imperative that you ensure that you wash the towels with great care. A gentle wash will clean the towel thoroughly without damaging it.

Do not bleach

Bleach can ruin the print and or color of your towel. If you want to ensure that your towel looks great then avoid bleach at all costs. Not only that bleach can irritate sensitive skin types. Always stick to your normal washing detergents.


You can leave your towels outside to dry or you can pop your towels into the tumble dryer on low. Although some towels prefer to be left outside to dry naturally, make sure to read the label for drying instructions.