Gym and Sports Towels

Our Bunty’s Plush 450 Gym Towel is what you need if you’re looking for the perfect gym towel or sports towel, look no further. Our range is top-rated in South Africa for good reason. They are light, absorbent, versatile and stylish all threaded into 30 x 100 cm of pure cotton towel.

Light – At 140 grams per square metre, this gym towel is perfect for flinging over your shoulder while going for a run in the gym, trekking up a mountain for the day or even for an afternoon hot yoga session on the beach.

Absorbent – Our 100% cotton towels are super absorbent and will kiss the sweat straight off your forehead. Keep the blood, sweat and tears out of your eyes with our ultra-absorbant soak material.

Versatile – We are pumped to share how our gym towels will be your biggest asset in the gym. The Bunty’s Gym Towel has a zip to hold all your valuables while you’re working out. That means you can concentrate on lifting the weights while your gym towel carries the weight of responsibility for your valuables. 

Stylish – Not only do our gym towels have a zip but they also can be zipped up to a size of 30 x 75 cm, allowing you to avoid having a drape over your shoulders. With over 21 different colours to choose from you are guaranteed to find your best style fit. Our low sports towel prices will allow you to get multiple different coloured towels to match your different gym outfits!

Branding – Consider getting our Plush 450 gym towels for your company, friends or team, with the brandable strip you are able to make this towel your own. Perfect for team or club sports, put your team name on it so everyone knows who is overtaking them on the road.You handle the goals, our towel will handle the sweat! We are so confident in our towels and are just excited to get them out there, that we are constantly having gym towels sales and specials. Our gym towels come in 1-piece, 5-piece and 100-piece packs. So don’t delay and get your sweat buster today. Be sure to keep an eye out for our specials and promotions.