Don’t Throw In The Towel With Luxury Towel Dimensions!

When it comes to shopping for towels, you might be surprised to see the diversity of towel sizes. And then there are the different weights! To make it easier for you to shop, we have an overview of what the different sizes mean, so you always get what you expect.

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Face Towels 

The 30 cm x 30 cm face towel, also called face cloths or washcloths, comes in different weights: 380 gm, 570 gm and a luxurious, 5-star hotel quality of 600 gm

Dermatologists recommend using facecloths for washing your face as it mild exfoliates away dirt, pollution and makeup, thereby preventing blocked pores.

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Guest Towels

At 50 cm x 30 cm, the guest towel is slightly bigger than a face towel and often comes with an attractive fringe. Contemporary style versions do not have the fringe. It is a versatile little piece of bathroom linen as it can serve as a face cloth or a hand towel. 

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Hand Towel

Nothing says luxury more than a 50 cm x 100 cm, 600 gm hand towel folded neatly on a marble-look vanity counter! Indulge your hands in the sumptuous luxury of the deep 600gm, soft pile, hotel collection hand towels. They are included in the equally luxurious 570 gm, fine combed cotton towels sets! 

Did you know that most historians accredit the Turkish culture with introducing towels into our daily regime? There are records of the Turks using thin pieces of woven linen or cotton as hand towels in the 17th century. 

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Bath Towels

Now we are getting into the fun zone! Match your towels to your interior design and create a fun bathroom experience. There is nothing nicer than getting out of the bath or shower and having a freshly laundered 70 cm x 130 cm towel waiting for you. Dry yourself off and sigh the worries of the day away. Our bath towels are big enough for a body and small enough to whip up into a turban on wet hair. 

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Bath Sheets

The bath sheet is the royalty of towels! A sheet of sumptuous warmth when hung on a heated towel rail, this king and queen of towels will envelop you in luxury. Take your time with a spa experience at home with enough towel surface area to absorb all the post-shower moisture and still have a large dry area.

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Beach Towels

Complete your poolside tanning session or seaside adventure with bold beach towels! Our highly absorbent beach towels range in sizes from 90 x 160 cms to 100 x 190 cms and everything in between. They’re perfectly sized to wrap soaking bodies in plushy warmth after a cool dip. Choose from a variety of fun designs that are sure to appeal to children and adults alike.  

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Gym Towels

When you work out, you need a durable towel to keep up! Pop a couple 30 cm x 100 cm gym towels in assorted, motivating colours into your kit to keep the sweat at bay. The handy zipped pocket on each towel allows you carry to your essentials, like car keys, safely while training. 

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