Help Your Towels Last Longer with Bunty

Are your towels looking worn and well-loved after two uses? Let’s put an end to that and implement healthy habits to make your towels last. What causes towels to fuzz up in the first place, depending on the quality of the towel, will impact the piling more than you realise. Lower-quality fibres have a higher chance of piling or will contain small fibre balls attached to them. Thereby, high-quality towels have longer fibres – it becomes less likely to pill. In some cases, certain manufacturers will comb the towels in order for pilling to only occur after years of usage. Combing the threads essentially means the shorter fibres are being removed, thus removing the fibres that are most conducive to creating fuzz.


Piling is the main frustration factor that most towel users encounter, especially when a piece of fibre attaches to your body when freshly out of a shower. Some people just end up washing the towels once purchased, in hopes to remove any excess piling. However, washing the towel will not always remove the loose lint fibres, here is a slight process for you to follow to remove the piling efficiently without damaging the towel itself.


If you prefer home remedies as an individual, this one is for you. Washing your towels with white vinegar or baking soda will eliminate your towel issues. However, you will still need to follow a process when using either ingredient. Follow a light cycle in the washing machine and place one cup of white vinegar in the same section you would throw fabric softener in. Prevent using any other detergent with this process running, and especially avoid throwing in fabric softener. This process can be repeated on a monthly basis, remember white vinegar is the only appropriate choice for this method. Regards to baking soda, use no more than half a cup and dissolve it in hot water. Once dissolved, it can replace the normal detergent you would use to wash your towels, ensure the baking soda is dissolved completely and no clumps are in the cup.


To skip all these unnecessary steps, buying quality towels from places such as Bunty assures that you experience minimal and loose piling fibres due to the top-rated quality they provide to their consumers. We are a leading importing brand that specialises in household products, and we are continuously rising on the chart of growth by setting very high-quality standards. Customer satisfaction and quality are the main aim and vision of Bunty, delivered through the products we offer and in the services that follow. One of those services entails a fully accessible website where you can shop for beautiful towels in the comfort of your home, where deals and quality goods are provided to you in no time.


When purchasing towels, remember the following factors… Buying the best quality that corresponds with the specific usage that the towel will be participating in. Another factor that is only meant for those who take pride in hosting, as well as their home’s aesthetic, is finding a theme on colours that will follow throughout your entire bathroom.